Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

This 3-hour icewalk adventure leads you deep inside the canyon along its icy floor. Explore Maligne's rocky maze of sculptures, ice caves and fossils, along with spectacular waterfalls naturally frozen in time.
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Daily Maligne Canyon Ice Walks

Daily icewalks are offered at 9am and 1pm. Alternatively, join the 6pm Maligne 'Headlamp Tour' to experience the icewalk in twilight ambience.
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Maligne Canyon's Thundering Falls Turn To Ice

Witness Maligne Canyon's dramatic changes as winter reshapes the thundering waterfalls to sculptured ice.Book the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
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Jasper's Maligne Canyon

The most interesting canyon in Canada's Rockies, Maligne Canyon of Jasper National Park.

Inside Maligne Canyon

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A Few Minutes from Jasper.

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